Jeff Hall

CEO, Principal

Tarek El-Maissi


Justin Markham


David Fernandez


Our Mission Statement

Empower our Professionals to Serve & Protect our Clients

Our History

In 2008 Jeff Hall bought PARAGON with a plan to help large institutional investors and Fortune 500 bank clients with large troubled development projects. When the Great Recession hit, he witnessed the undoing of many development projects across the nation and saw an opportunity to provide a unique service to the financial institutions that were left with these unfinished projects. PARAGON became the “Construction Interventionist,” and developed a process to quickly assess the situation, develop a plan of action, and finish projects successfully. Through those efforts and subsequent Construction Management work, PARAGON has reached over $6 Billion in project oversight and management in the last decade. Today, we are able to apply the lessons learned from those turn-around projects and offer high-value solutions to our clients. Our clients utilize PARAGON’s expertise as a full construction manager— or lean on our consulting services for projects of all shapes and sizes. We are proud to have served our clients in many different market sectors including hospitality, medical, industrial, mixed use, education, multi family, and international.